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BaoFeng radios are designed to be affordable radios for licensed amateur radio enthusiasts and commercial users (schools, hospitals, municipalities, and many more).

Most BaoFeng radios operate in both VHF and UHF frequencies. All BaoFeng radios can operate in narrowband (12.5 KHz) or wideband (25 KHz). BaoFeng radios are flexible – they have channel steps as low as 2.5KHz, CTCSS and DCS tones, can be either PC or manually programmed, and output up to 8 watts.



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On the other hand, we denounce with righteous

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Out of a 5-star rating, I would give you all 10-stars plus 2-thumbs up.

Thanks again, the responses to my request was 'AWESOME'.  Lot better than any other company I've ever had dealings with.  Out of a 5-star rating, I would give you all 10-stars plus 2-thumbs up.


Could not ask for better customer service

Your Customer service has been excellent and could not ask for any better. Sincerely a VERY Happy customer,

George Cox

One of the 'Good Guys'

I've dealt with several vendors over the years and classify BTECH as one of the 'Good Guys'. They are local here in the US and I've never been disappointed by their customer service or response time.

John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU
Blogger and Radio Enthusiast

Great radio at a great price

This is a great little radio for the price and I love that I can program in a new repeater without having to connect it to a computer and ramp up a spreadsheet program.

Ron R. Tuttle

Always buy from BTECH direct

Always buy from BTECH directly if you want genuine parts!

Paul Garber

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