Nagoya NA-24J

Certified Original Nagoya Antenna - with an exclusive manufacturing partnership with BTECH

New Release - May Require a Rubber spacer (included) and has an extended antenna cover to protect your radio SMA male base from the elements

New Flexible Ultra Whip with Brass SMA-Female Fitting and a more form fitting base.

Compatible with all BTECH, all BaoFeng, some Wouxun, and some Kenwood Radios

To avoid counterfeit Nagoya models - insure your listing shows "sold by BaoFeng Tech"

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From the manufacturer

Extend the Range of Your Communication

Range of Antenna's

Receive Hard to Hear Signals and Transmit Further

Most Nagoya antennas will increase your radio's transmitting gain compared to their factory antenna.

In most cases: the longer the antenna is the better the antenna is capable of boosting weak frequencies and receiving difficult to hear stations. Shorter antennas offer more portability and convenience, while longer antennas generally perform better.

View the comparison chart below to pick the antenna best fit for your application.

  • ✔ Frequency Range: 136-174MHz, 400-520MHz.
  • ✔ Optimal Frequency Range: 140-150MHz, 420-450MHz
  • ✔ Wave: 1/4λ (144MHz) - 5/8λ (430MHz)
  • ✔ Gain: 2.25dBi
  • ✔ Max power: 10 Watts
  • ✔ VSWR : Less 1.5:1
  • ✔ Impedance: 50 OHM
  • ✔ Connector: SMA-F
  • ✔ Length: 16 inches
  • ✔ Impedance: 50 OHM

Genuine Nagoya Antennas

Nagoya antennas are each individually analyzed to ensure compatibility with your radio.

Nagoya Antennas are dependable, accurate, reliable, and affordable.

Avoid antennas that pretend to be a Nagoya. Antennas that are not individually tested or tuned can cause high SWR, which damages a radio.

Nagoya Antennas are proven to be a reliable and safe antenna manufacturer.

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Technical Details

The NA-24J is a brand new antenna from Nagoya. It is based on the NA-771, but with improvements in build, material, and performance. Most notably the new alloy whip that is vastly improved for flexibility and durability. (Along with an improved base fit). SWR is improved on UHF compared to the original NA-771

This is a Nagoya NA-24J Dual Band High Gain Antenna for VHF/UHF frequencies. It is 1/4 Wave at 144MHz and 5/8 Wave at 430MHz.

This antenna is slightly longer than 16 inches long. The main improvements are to the brass connector (a better conductor), and the new flexible alloy antenna.

  • Frequency: 144/430MHz
  • Gain: 2.3dBi
  • Max power: 20 Watts
  • VSWR : Less 1.45:1
  • Impedance: 50 OHM
  • Connector: SMA-F
  • Length: 42 cm (~16.3 inches)
  • Impedance : 50 ohms
  • RoHS Compliant

  • 1x Nagoya NA-24J Ultra Whip Antenna
  • 1x Rubber spacer

  • BTECH:GMRS-V1 (NA-701C Ideal for GMRS), MURS-V1 (NA-701C Ideal for MURS) – The NA-320A Antenna is recommended for the UV-5X3

  • BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, UV-82C, UV-82 Series, UV-5R (All models), and all others
  • And any other radio that uses the SMA-FEMALE Connection