Genuine BaoFeng Pofung Single Push-To-Talk (PTT) Speaker Mic for UV-5R, UV-5X3, and BF-F8HP Series - Backward Compatible

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Genuine BaoFeng Single Push-To-Talk (PTT) Speaker Mic for UV-5R, UV-5X3, and BF-F8HP Series

The Genuine Mic has a Metal Spring Clip, a heavy duty Mic and Speaker, and is not under built such as counterfeits like the S112 - or with black plastic belt clip.

The speaker mic includes the single push to talk buttons to work with the standard push-to-talk system found on most BaoFeng, Wouxun, and Kenwood Radios

Designed for use with all BaoFeng models (3R+ and newer)

It also works on the Wouxun, Kenwood, and many other brands that use the standardized Kenwood plug.

As a perk!

The cable is still compatible and can be used with the dual PTT system - on models of BaoFeng that do have the dual push-to-talk system the single button will coordinate with the lower display


Has a remote earpiece plug adapter (3.5mm headphone jack) - plug in and listen to your conversations discretely

Red LED Light Indicates if you are transmitting or receiving a signal

The plug is the standard Kenwood 2 Prong Plug found on BaoFeng Radios

Compatible Radio Models:


BaoFeng BF-F8 Series (BF-F8HP and BF-F8+), UV-5R Series, BF-888S, GT-3, UV-3R+ and the UV-82 Series

Kenwood Connector Compatible: All radios with the 2-pin KPG-22 type connector

Package Includes:

Single PTT Speaker Mic for BaoFeng

Programming tips and hints on using BaoFeng Radios can be accessed at

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Dimensions : 5.5 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight : 4.2 ounces