BaoFeng Ham Radio

Ham Radio

Our Radios will work perfectly for your personal and business needs. With up to 8 watt output our radios can do just as much as the 'others' and MORE

Baofeng Radios are accurate

Accurate Receivers

With channel spacing as low as 2.5KHz, 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS coders our radios will insure you will receive only what you want.

Bulk order Baofeng Radios

Bulk Ordering

We offer our radios at tremendous discounts. No matter your business needs we will work within your budget to guarantee you the best pricing.

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Only Authorized Warranty Repairs As BaoFeng's Official USA Dealer, we are the only BaoFeng dealer to offer warranty repairs in the USA. Other dealers will charge fees, ship to China, and cause you headaches. We are the only service center in the USA and will offer FREE warranty service on radios bought from us.


UV-82C Is coming to marketThe UV-82C is coming to the market. The UV-82C allows the VFO mode to be disabled along with allowing synchronization of the upper and lower PTT buttons, the UV-82C also requires a PC Programming Cable prior to using. The UV-82C is completely FCC Part 90 (Commercial) Ready

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