BTECH 2 Pin (BaoFeng) to 3.5mm Adapter (Only Sold by BaoFengTech - insure BaoFengTech is your selected distributor to guarantee accuracy in receiving what is described)

Converts the accessory jack on your Baofeng (or similar) radio to adapt to the standard 3.5mm headsets or audio out jack.

If your headset includes a inline mic - you will be able to use the inline mic for communication. Simply press the PTT button on the radio, or on the supplied PTT on the cable.

The adapter splits into two lines, one line is for your headset to plug into - the second coil includes the PTT button - you can use the supply velcro or snap line to secure the PTT to a convenient location.

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Product Description

BTECH 2 Pin (BaoFeng) to 3.5mm Adapter

How to Use

1. Connect the 3.5mm PIN BTECH Adapter to your Radio's K1 Accessory Jack 2. Clip or Velcro the PTT Button in a convenient place. 3. Connect your 3.5mm headset to the adapter cable. 4. Turn the radio's volume to the minimum and slowly increase the volume to your preferred level (YOUR EARPIECE WILL NEED VERY LITTLE VOLUME) 5. Earpiece and Headsets that have an Inline Mic built-in can utilize the mic to transmit. In order to transmit use the PTT button on your BTECH Adapter; or the PTT on the Radio directly itself. 6. If you cannot transmit or hear audio - the REVERSE adapter is needed (included).


The 2 Pin BTECH Adapter to Single Pin Earpiece Adapter includes a Reverse Cable adapter to insure compatibility with all headsets & in line microphone earpieces.

The majority of headsets will work without this adapter. Some brands are wired in a reverse fashion and the adapter will be needed on those earpieces. It is recommended to store this adapter a safe place - so you will always be able to adapt your radio to your favorite 3.5MM headphones or line-out options.

Package Includes * BTECH 2 Pin to 3.5mm Adapter * Reverse 3.5mm Adapter