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Date Of Release Download Link Description of Changes
09/07/2018 Firmware 1.02

Includes USB Driver, Firmware, Software, & Guide

Major Firmware Update - The DMR-6X2 requires a Full Reset after update (See included documentation for directions on this procedure)

Firmware package includes an update to the radio icons - these must also be updated; directions included in firmware update

Several Bug Fixes, Feature Enhancements, and New Features Added (Full Release Notes included in Firmware Update Download)

07/12/2018 Firmware 1.01

Includes USB Driver, Firmware, Software, & Guide

Added Support for Multiple DMR IDs

Allow Timeslot Switching as a Side Key Option

Added International Metric Support to the GPS

Allows the Auto-Repeater to be Enabled within a specific frequency range, Auto-Repeater can be separated between A & B VFO

Minor Bug Fixes

06/20/2018 Firmware 1.00

Original Public Firmware Release Version 1.00

Includes USB Driver, Firmware, Software, & Guide