Tri-Band + Wide REceiver Coverage - MobiLe 50 Watt Radio

BTECH UV-50X3 Tri Band (VHF/1.25M/UHF) Analog MOBILE Two-Way Radio

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Tri-Band Mobile/Base with Two Receivers and Cross-Band Repeater

The BTECH UV-50X3 is a tri-band radio with two receivers capabilities (which enables simultaneous TX/TX within VHF/1.25M/UHF) - as well as dual V/V and U/U receiver capabilities. The UV-50X3 operates on 136-174MHz, 222-225MHz, and 400-480MHz.


The UV-50X3 is more than just a radio - it can also act as a full cross-band repeater! Allowing you to connect or extend the range of your repeaters, handhelds, and mobiles. The Cross Band repeater works in between VHF and UHF frequencies.


The UV-50X3 will transmit at 50 watts on both UHF and VHF; and it will transmit at 5 watts on 222-225MHz.

AirBand (Aviation AM) and Wide receiver reception

The UV-50X3 was includes a wide receiver that can receive beyond the transmitting frequencies on VHF/1.25M/UHF.


The UV-50X3 can also receive:

  • .5-1.71MHz (AM Radio)
  • 76-108MHz (FM Radio)
  • 108-135.995MHz (Air Band (AM))
  • 136-250MHz
  • 300-399.995MHz
  • 400-520MHz
Independent - VFO, Audio levels, and squelch

The UV-50X3 includes separate volume adjustments for the independent VFOs. The UV-50X3 has dual speakers in the LCD panel - allowing stereo audio when one station is being received, but separate monaural speakers when both VFOs are active - which are controlled by the separate volume knobs. A third speaker is located on the radio body - which can be set as the only speaker, simultaneously be used with the panel speakers, or can be unused as well.


The UV-50X3 has both line-in and line-out jacks that allow you to output the radio audio to your own speaker system. The UV-50X3 allows you to listen to a line-in source while still monitoring your local nets.


The squelch is adjustable on each side of the display. Separate wide and narrow ceramic filters enable true narrow band operation.

1000 Memory Channels

The UV-50X3 has 1000 memory channels and 2 separate memory banks (The Right VFO has 500 channels, the left VFO has 500 channels). You can program both active (TX/RX Channels) and passive (RX Only) channels into the same Memory bank.

Separate, Customizable Front LCD Panel and DTMF Microphone

The UV-50X3 has a front panel that is separated from the main radio body. The panel is connected with standard Ethernet cable (15' included) allowing the radio body to be remotely (or trunk) mounted. The Front Panel includes several mounting accessories including a suction cup mount. You can set the LCD Panel to 8 different colors.


The Front Panel has a built-in microphone which allows you to either use either the included DTMF Microphone or Panel Microphone. The Separate DTMF microphone can also be plugged directly into the Main Radio Body.

programmable and customizable

The UV-50X3 can be completely programmed without a computer (including Channel Alpha-numeric names). Watch our YouTube tutorial for easy programming tips.


The UV-50X3 is FULLY supported through the free CHIRP programming software (requires the PC05 Programming Cable). The UV-50X3 is the first radio to exclusively only use CHIRP software for programming. CHIRP is compatible on Windows, Linux and OSX (macOS). Download CHIRP here


The UV-50X3 supports the most common Analog Tones. It supports CTCSS, DCS, and DTMF calling methods. Set-up your calling methods to call by group tones. Tone calling (private line) is required by most repeater applications and the UV-50X3 supports the latest standards.

The UV-50X3 can send DTMF tones. This allows for sending ANI (Caller ID) or remote commands that require DTMF tones.

Thorough Quality Control

Each UV-50X3 is individually tested during extreme temperatures (-22 F) to ensure every radio can meet advertised performance requirements.

The UV-50X3 can endure harsh environments and still perform in the most extreme situations.

What's In the Box?

BTECH UV-50X3 Main Frame

Front Panel

DTMF Microphone

Suction Cup Mount

10' DC Cable

15' Panel Cable


Fan Kit



25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable (Wide/Narrow Band)

XBand Repeater (Cross-Band)

FM Radio and AM Radio

Aviation Receive

Large LCD Display (8 Selectable Colors)

High /Mid/Low RF Power Switchable

50 CTCSS/ 104 DCS Tones

Dual Receive

PC programmable

Transmitter time-out timer(TOT)

Busy channel lock-out(BCLO)

UV-50X3 Weight: Main Chassis 2.1kg (4.6 lbs)
Chassis Size: 5.5" x 1.8" x 6.0" (140 x 46 x 150mm)
Control Head: 6.3" x 2.6" x 6.0" (157 x 66 x 33.5mm)


Frequency range:

[RX]: .5-1.710MHz (AM Radio), 76-108MHz (FM Radio), 108-136MHz (AM Aviation Band), 175-250MHz, 300-399MHz, 480-520MHz
[RX/TX]: 137-174MHz, 222-225MHz, 400-480MHz

Channel Capacity:

1000 Channels

Channel Spacing

25KHz (wide band)12.5KHz (narrow band)


≤0.25μV (wide band)  ≤0.35μV (narrow band)

Operation Voltage

13.8V DC ±20%

Frequency step:



Antenna Connector: SO-239



Output power: 

5W/20W/50W (1.25M 5W Max)

Audio Power Output

2.5W X 3 Speakers

3 Loud Speakers (2 - Panel, 1 - Main Frame)

AUX Audio Out Jack

AUX Audio In Jack


PC-05 Programming Cable


FTDI Programming Cable

Dual Chipsets Built-In

PC, Mac, and Linux Compatible

For BTECH UV-50X3 Mobile

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