MURS License Free Two-Way Radio for Manufacturing, Retail, Personal, and Business Two-Way Radio


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MURS-V1 Highlights

• 15 Modifiable MURS Two-Way Channels - Receive and Transmit 

• High /Low Power Switchable (2W High Power, 500mW low) 
• FM Radio
• Compatible with BaoFeng UV-82 Battery Packs and Accessories (BL-8 AAA, BL-8L Extended, BL-8 DC Eliminator)
• Compatible with KPG-22 (Kenwood 2 Pin) Speaker Mics and Accessories
• Flashlight
• 50 CTCSS Privacy Tones
• 346 DCS Digital Privacy Tones
• Tri-Color Adjustable Backlight 

• 20KHz/12.5KHz Switchable (Channels 4/5)

• FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz)

• Scanning Modes: Channel and Tone


• Tone searching/scanning

• Dual standby

• PC programmable

• Alpha Numeric Channel Storage

• Work Mode (Menu Lockout)  

The MURS-V1 is FCC certified (Part 95J) for use on MURS frequencies.

MURS is a two-way, VHF short-distance voice or data communications service for personal or business activities of the general public.


The MURS-V1 is a great introduction to two-way radios as a step-up from common walkie talkies. The MURS-V1 introduces users to common PL (Private Line) tones and terminology. Standard CTCSS and DCS terminology is used without abstract Menu terms (such as "Tone 12") used by bubble-pack radios.


MURS channels do not share the same channels used by common walkie talkies or the store bought bubble pack children's radios.

Simultaneous Display

For those that want to have the most information at their fingertips on a specific channel - they can synchronize the displays. You can configure the displays to synchronize and allow both the Channel Name and frequency to simultaneously display on the current selected channel.

Simpler Options

Channel Skip: Easily add or remove a channel from the scanning list - if you have a nuisance channel, just skip it.

Dual or Single PTT: Easily toggle the MURS-V1 side keys to act as a single or dual push-to-talk switch. The MURS-V1 allows you to transmit on both displayed channels by the use of two independent side keys. By pressing on the upper side key you transmit on "Channel A" and by pushing on the lower side key you transmit on "Channel B". On the MURS-V1 you are able to synchronize the two PTT buttons (right from menu) to enable single Push-to-Talk operation (which will default to the current selected channel).

Easy to Use

The MURS-V1 is easy and straight forward to use. The MURS-V1 comes with 3 banks of the 5 MURS two-way channels pre-programmed (allowing shared frequencies separated by tones for different departments or users). You can easily modify the MURS-V1 to transmit a Privacy tone, right from the radio menu. You can even require a privacy tone for incoming transmissions. The MURS-V1 will save any modification to the channel (even during a reboot) and will remember any channel change you apply. 

There is no guesswork involved anymore between brands. The MURS-V1 can work with any MURS radio - and has every single privacy tone option available (more than any other MURS radio). Even if other users don't know which privacy tone is being used on their MURS radio; you are able to scan for which tone is being used. This ensures easy compatibility with all brands. The MURS-V1 has a high /low power toggle (2W High Power, 500mW low power) 


You can modify the channel bandwidth for channels that are approved for either Narrowband or Wideband use. MURS 4 and MURS 5 (blue dot business and green dot business channels), 


MURS frequencies cannot be altered to allow peace of mind while using your MURS-V1. Want to start from scratch? A simple reset menu option resets the MURS-V1 to the MURS-V1 defaults.

Dual Watch Receiver

The MURS-V1 has one built-in receiver but can "watch" two channels (semi duplex). Monitor 2 MURS channels and the radio will monitor both frequencies giving priority to the first station to receive an incoming call.

FM Broadcast Station

You can listen to the FM Broadcast radio, while still monitoring your radio frequencies in the background. Any incoming call will be given priority insuring you never miss an important call while listening to the radio.

Internal VOX function

The MURS-V1 has an internal VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) function for convenient hands-free operation and can be used in conjunction with the included earpiece and mic. The VOX level and VOX delay time are adjustable for your needs and the accessory port is compatible with Kenwood 2 Pin accessories - allowing an easy and fast array of external options

MURS Is a License Free Radio Service


What's In the Box?


1800mAh Battery

MURS VHF Single Band Antenna

CH-8 Charger

CH-8 110V Adapter

Earpiece Kit

Wrist Strap

Belt Clip

User Manual


20KHz/12.5KHz Switchable (Wide/Narrow Band)

FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz)

Large Tri-color LCD Display (3 Selectable Colors)

LED Flashlight

Scanning Modes: Channel, Frequency, and Tone

High /Low RF Power Switchable


50 CTCSS/ 346 DCS Tones

Tone searching/scanning

Dual standby

PC programmable

Alpha Numeric Channel Storage

Work Mode (Selectable VFO/ Menu Lockout)

Squelch Tail Elimination (STE)

Frequency Reverse (Repeater Reverse)

Transmission Time Out (TOT)

Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)


Frequency range:

[TX] MURS Two Way Channels

3 Banks:

  • 151.820 MHz
  • 151.880 MHz
  • 151.940 MHz
  • 154.570 MHz
  • 154.600 MHz

[RX] MURS Two Way, 68-108MHz (FM Broadcast)

Channel Capacity:

15 Channels

Channel Spacing

20KHz (wide band)12.5KHz (narrow band)


≤0.25μV (wide band)  ≤0.35μV (narrow band)

Operation Voltage

7.4V DC ±20%



Frequency step(kHz):


Antenna Connector: SMA-Female / Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Accessory Connector:

Kenwood 2 Pin Standard



Output power: 

500mW, 2W

Audio Power Output


BaoFeng Radio FTDI Cable

PC-03 Programming Cable


FTDI Programming Cable for BTECH and BaoFeng Handheld Radios

PC, Mac, and Linux Compatible

2 Pin Kenwood Style

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Product Description
QHM22 Heavy Duty Rainproof BaoFeng Speaker Mic

QHM22 Platinum Series


IP54 Rainproof

High Impact Case, Re-Enforced
8 Position Spring Clip

Crystal clear audio, 2 Pin Kenwood

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Product Description
BTECH 2 Pin to 3.5MM Adapter with Push-to-Talk Button

Accessory to 3.5mm adapter


Converts the accessory jack on your Baofeng (or similar) radio to adapt to the standard 3.5mm headsets or audio out jack.

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Product Description
BaoFeng Radio UV-82 V85 Antenna

BL-8L 3600mAh Extended Battery  


3600 mAh OEM Large Pack

John 14:6, our company theme and motto, on battery

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BaoFeng UV-82 Radio AAA Battery Pack

BaoFeng UV-82 AAA Battery Pack


Includes Dummy Battery

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Product Description
BaoFeng Radio UV-82 Battery Eliminator

BaoFeng UV-82 Battery Eliminator

Heavy Duty DC Adapter and Cable

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Product Description
BTECH USB Smart Charger (9-10.8V) Transformer Cable for BaoFeng, BTECH BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, UV-5R, UV-5X3 (CH-5, CH-8, etc. charger base compatible)

USB Charger Transformer


Transforms USB power to the 10V DC input on BaoFeng & BTECH chargers.

Input: USB 5V (2.1A, 1A, and .5A)
Output: DC 9~10.8V (500mA)

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Product Description
BaoFeng Radio UV-82 BL-8 (Red, Black, Camo, Blue, Yellow) Battery Pack

BaoFeng UV-82 BL-8 Battery Pack


1800 mAh OEM Replacement Pack

Available in All UV-82HP Colors:

Red, Blue, Yellow, CAMO, Black

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Product Description
BaoFeng Radio UV-82 CH-8 Battery Charger

BaoFeng UV-82 CH-8 Battery Charger


OEM Replacement Battery Charger

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BaoFeng Radio UV-82 Dual PTT Mic

BaoFeng Dual PTT MIC


Dual Push-to-Talk Mic Specifically for the UV-82 Series

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Product Description
BaoFeng Radio UV-82 Dual PTT Earpiece

Replacement Dual PTT Earpiece


Dual Push-to-talk Buttons

Heavy Duty Corded Earpiece with Inline Mic

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BaoFeng Radio UV-82 Series (UV-82C, UV-82X, UV-82HP) Belt Clip

Replacement Belt Clip


Includes Screws

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BaoFeng Radio UV-82 V85 Antenna

Replacement V-85 DUAL BAND Antenna  


V85 Stock UV-82 Antenna

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