Welcome to the Updated BaoFeng Tech Website

ARLINGTON, SOUTH DAKOTA - SATURDAY, 9 MAY 2015 BaoFeng Tech has launched it's brand new website. We are excited to continue our partnership with you, the customer. We will always bring you the latest radios with the newest firmware.  We are excited with the opportunity we have been given in bringing the best affordable radios to market. We are committed to bringing the same service and support that we have always been known for - in addition we are also introducing a...

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Improve the performance of your rubber duck with a rat tail

Hams often complain about the performance of the “rubber duck” antennas that come with their handhelds. There's even a question in the Technician Class question pool about rubber duck antennas. Question T9A04 reads, “What is a disadvantage of the “rubber duck” antenna supplied with most handheld radio transceivers when compared to a full-sized quarter-wave antenna?” The answer is, “It does not transmit or receive as effectively.” Usually, the solution is to buy a better antenna. Here at BTECH, we sell the...

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