Calibrating the Compass on Your GMRS-PRO: A Simplified Guide with Video Demonstration

Calibrating the Compass on Your GMRS-PRO: A Simplified Guide with Video Demonstration

The GMRS-PRO stands out among other radio devices, not only for its remarkable communication features but also for its built-in compass – a crucial tool for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. To keep this compass functioning at peak accuracy, regular calibration is necessary. This might seem complex at first, but we have made it easy for you with this step-by-step guide and an accompanying video demonstration.

Why Calibration Matters

Calibration aligns the compass with the Earth’s magnetic field, correcting for deviations that might occur due to various factors such as nearby electronic devices, large metallic objects, or changes in geographical location. Regular calibration enhances the reliability of your compass readings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Calibration with Video Demonstration

  1. Navigate to the Compass Menu: First, switch on your GMRS-PRO. Press the ‘Menu’ button to access the main menu. Here, scroll until you find ‘Compass’, then select it to enter the compass settings.
  2. Initiate Calibration: With the compass menu open and your GMRS-PRO resting on a flat surface, you’ll find an option to calibrate the compass. Press ‘OK’ to start the calibration process.
  3. Perform the Figure 8 Motion: After you’ve initiated calibration, the GMRS-PRO will instruct you to carry out a ‘Figure 8’ motion. Extend the radio out in your hand and move it steadily in a figure 8 pattern as directed by the device.

For a more detailed visual guide on how to perform this step, please refer to the attached video demonstration. The video provides a real-time illustration of how to correctly move the device during the calibration process.

  1. Calibration Confirmation: Upon completing the Figure 8 motion, the GMRS-PRO will analyze the data. If the calibration was successful, you’ll see a confirmation message on the screen.

Helpful Tips for Calibration

  • Always try to calibrate your compass in an open area, away from metallic objects or electronic devices, to prevent magnetic interference.
  • While performing the Figure 8 motion, maintain a slow, steady pace for best results.
  • Regular calibration, especially when traveling to different geographical regions, will keep your compass accurate.


With this step-by-step guide and the attached video demonstration, calibrating the compass on your GMRS-PRO becomes a straightforward process. Regular calibration ensures the compass’s reliability, providing you with precise readings and a trusty tool to navigate your outdoor adventures or professional tasks. Keep your compass calibrated and navigate with confidence. Happy exploring!

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