Mastering Tone Scanning with the BTECH GMRS-PRO

Mastering Tone Scanning with the BTECH GMRS-PRO

In the world of radio communications, having the right tools and knowing how to use them effectively is key to ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. The BTECH GMRS-PRO is equipped with a tone scanning feature that proves indispensable for users needing to access public systems or communicate without prior knowledge of the necessary CTCSS or DCS tones/codes. This guide will walk you through the steps to utilize this feature effectively, enhancing both your communication clarity and security.

Step 1: Access the Menu for Tone Scanning

To begin, activate the menu dedicated to tone scanning on your BTECH GMRS-PRO:

  • Open the Menu: Press the lower left green button.
  • Navigate: Use the down arrow to locate the “Tone Scanning” option.
  • Select: Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button, which is positioned on the upper left.

Step 2: Activate Tone Scanning

Once you access the correct menu:

  • Automatic Activation: The tone scanner will automatically turn on when a signal is detected.
  • Detection and Stop: The scanner stops once it identifies a tone that matches the signal being transmitted, allowing you to hear the ongoing communication clearly.

Step 3: Record the Tone

After the tone is detected:

  • Note the Details: Record the detected tone for future reference, such as 241.8 Hz, to ensure you can easily set it up later.

Step 4: Input Tone in Channel Set

To input the recorded tone:

  • Return to Channel Switch Screen: Press the upper left green button.
  • Edit Channel Settings: Click ‘Edit’ on the lower right.
  • Adjust Settings: Scroll to the “SQ” setting under the TX frequency using the upper RIGHT button and input the recorded tone as displayed in the instructional image.

Step 5: Transmit and Receive Set-Up

To complete the setup for both transmitting and receiving:

  • Transmission Setup: Your radio will now transmit using the recorded tone, ensuring others using the same tone can hear your transmissions.
  • Reception Setup: To only receive communications that use the same tone, repeat the setup steps above for a RX tone (RX SQ setting). This filters out unwanted communications and enhances your privacy.


Whether you’re a hobbyist or a GMRS professional, mastering these settings will allow you to customize your device for optimal performance and reliability in any scenario. Enjoy clear, uninterrupted communications by taking full advantage of your GMRS-PRO’s features!

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