Multiple ways to charge your BaoFeng & BTECH Radios

Solar power charging Baofeng radio

Multiple ways to charge your BaoFeng & BTECH Radios

In our age of technology, we continue to produce more and more gadgets that just make our life, a little easier. This also brings new sources of power, or to be more precise, additional ways to convert energy to power all our devices, including your favorite BaoFeng or BTECH radio. Let’s look at a couple of our most popular power adapting cables, the BT1013 and the 10V USB Smart Cable.

You’re probably aware of the BT1013’s use with connecting your BL5L 3800mah battery to USB, or the 10V USB Smart Cable’s ability to adapt your stock radio charger to use USB — BUT there is more than meets the eye with both cables. USB ports are now everywhere, from our homes to our cars, and anything in between. Most vehicles today now include USB ports, but even if they don’t you can easily use your 12V cigarette socket, which allows for a USB adapter to plug in, allowing you to not only power your radios, but charge them on the go! What about taking your radios on an expedition without AC or DC power? Whether it is a simple hike in the hills, an overnight camping trip, or an excursion off the grid there are several solar powered USB kits that allow you to charge your radio wherever you go.

Whether you’re traveling or going off the grid, the BT1013 and the 10V USB Smart Cable can be a great addition to your go kit, helping you keep your batteries charged and ready to go.

What are our recommended off-the-grid power accessories to pair with your BTECH radio? We recommend either the BT1013 or 10V USB Smart Cable, a 12V Cigarette Socket to USB adaptor, and a good solar powered portable battery with USB support. Now you can charge from AC, DC, Solar, and USB! With these accessories, you will always be able to communicate using your BTECH radios.

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  • ted Reply

    How do i know when it is full charged?

    May 30, 2022 at 5:29 pm

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