New Release – Nagoya NA-771G and Nagoya NA-701G

Nagoya NA-701G and NA-771G on the GMRS-V1

New Release – Nagoya NA-771G and Nagoya NA-701G

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

BTECH has announced today the release of the Nagoya NA-771G and the Nagoya NA-701G. These Nagoya GMRS antennas are based on their amateur antenna counterparts (the NA-771 and NA-701), however they are specifically tuned to GMRS (462MHz). This allows for the lowest SWR and highest antenna gain for GMRS users.

Which antenna is best for you?

The Nagoya NA-701G is based on one of Nagoya’s most popular antennas and because of it’s length (5.5 inches) it is a convenient yet powerful option for your GMRS radio.The NA-701G offers better convenience, in many cases you don’t need to bring out the 15″ monster antenna – so the the NA-701G is ideal to use when you don’t want to have a long ‘armpit scratcher’ attached to your radio. The NA-701G is tuned perfectly to 1/4-wave on GMRS.

If you are looking to up your range, the Nagoya NA-771G is a whopping 15.3 inches and is a must buy for outdoor and camping enthusiasts. Think of antennas similar to this analogy: The larger your fish net is, the better chance of more fish you will catch – but in this case – the larger your tuned antenna is, the better chance of ‘catching’ more signals. The NA-771G is a tuned to 1/2-wave on GMRS, it will transmit more energy horizontally than a 1/4 wave antenna would.

Nagoya antennas are popular because these antennas are flexible, they are able to withstand more wear and tear then the rigid antenna included with most radios. The choice is yours to make: but with both antennas in your arsenal, you will have the versatility to choose between range and convenience when you need it most. The Nagoya NA-771G and NA-701G will improve and make a great pairing with your favorite GMRS radio such as our GMRS-V1.

Don’t fall for imposters Nagoya antennas. To limit counterfeit listings, BTECH and Nagoya have a manufacturing partnership, so you know that you will be getting a certified original Nagoya antenna.

Learn more and Purchase at BTECH or Amazon at the links below:

Nagoya NA-701G:

Nagoya NA-771G:

NA-701G and NA-771G Lengths Compared


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  • Richard Guenkel Reply

    Great Radios. My colleague owns one.

    February 16, 2022 at 11:43 am

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