New Release – RPS-30PRO and RPS-30M

New Release – RPS-30PRO and RPS-30M

Friday, July 15, 2022

Knowledge is power…But power is also power. BTECH is proud to announce the release of both the RPS-30M regulated power supply and the RPS-30PRO regulated power supply. These power convertors allow for simple and reliable AC-to-DC power conversion with a constant source of DC voltage. They are an ideal power source for CB, Ham, GMRS, and LMR Two-way radios; scanners; and all DC powered equipment.

The RPS-30M is a go-to power supply for all standard 13.8V equipment, while the RPS-30PRO is voltage adjustable from 9-15VDC. BTECH has provided you the easiest way to connect high amperage DC equipment at home. Both power supplies are equipped with screw terminals and a cigarette power plug, but the RPS-30PRO also has snap-in terminals giving you multiple options for quick compatibility. The screw terminals on both units work with banana plugs to easily adapt to several DC connectors.

Feel the Power

These high power, high efficiency power supplies have a peak 30-amp output with a 25-amp constant output. Despite the high-power output, the RPS-30M is built on an efficient aluminum heat sink platform. The fan is extremely quiet and in its highest setting does not exceed 50 dB while averaging 15dB on its average low setting.

One of the advantages of the RPS-30PRO is the easy-to-read LCD that displays the real-time voltage setting and amperage use; as well as front panel adjustment knobs for those in situations that need a bit more control and flexibility.

Both the RPS-30PRO and RPS-30M are designed to be immune from radio frequency interference. To accommodate the most stringent lab user the RPS-30PRO also employs a noise fine-tuning adjustment knob.

BTECH RPS-30M and RPS-30PRO give you the power to efficiently run all your DC equipment in your home and lab. Now that you have the knowledge, all you need is the power.

Available for Immediate Purchase

Find the BTECH RPS-30M power supply available for purchase from our store direct and on Amazon.

 Find the BTECH RPS-30PRO power supply available for purchase from our store direct and on Amazon.


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Need help with your new BTECH RPS-30M or RPS-30PRO? BTECH is proudly located in the USA, provides local support for any issue that may arise, and offers real USA warranties on all products. If you ever have an issue, our team will be prompt, knowledgeable, and supportive to ensure your radio operates exactly as it should.


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