BTECH UV-2501+220 Released


BTECH UV-2501+220 Released


The First Tri-Band Amateur Radio from BTECH is Released

BaoFeng Tech announced today the North American release of the BTECH UV-2501+220 ( Our first tri-band radio (2M, 1.25M, 70cm) combines the best in power, portability, and usability – all in a small, mini-mobile form factor.

There was a huge void for users, in that; an affordable tri-band amateur radio has never been available. BTECH took the initiative to engineer that very radio for which amateurs had been asking. Our mission was to have the ability for a single radio to communicate on 2M, 1.25M, and 70cm and cost less than what other single band mobiles sell; and we were able to accomplish it with our dedicated team of engineers and designers, along with our BETA users throughout the amateur community.

More than just a Tri-Band

The UV-2501+220 is more than just a tri-band radio to us. We set out to also improve our full mobile radio line. By working with our own engineer and through our manufacturer, we were able to identify and fix the engineering, PCB, and firmware to ultimately improve the end-user experience that had been previously available.

We were able to implement several improvements with the amateur radio operator in mind, such as, the importance of using the least amount of power necessary to hit your repeater. The UV-2501+220 allows for easy transmit power toggling on hard loaded channels (in channel mode) through the keypad.

Another innovation is the ability to remember the finer details of your channels. The UV-2501+220 includes our new display sync mode. When activated, the display sync will keep both display A and display B synced during channel scrolling. The ability to simultaneously see both the name and frequency of a channel is an invaluable feature to keeping everything at your fingers.

We understand the importance of being able to program the radios on the fly. The BTECH mobile radios allow full programmability from tones, frequencies, settings, and the channel name all without a PC. If you want to go in-depth modifying the radio – PC programmability is still available, allowing advanced tone setting modification and even squelch level settings to be altered.

Building on the UV-2501, the UV-2501+220 includes a fan which allows for mounting in even tighter locations. Even though the UV-2501+220 has a loud 2-watt speaker, much like the UV-5001, it also has a standard 3.5mm audio out jack to allow easy use with your favorite audio environment.

Pricing and Availability

The UV-2501+220 is available today at and through our authorized distributors. Pricing starts at $139.

About BaoFeng Tech and BTECH

BaoFeng Tech is headquartered in Arlington, SD with distributors and partners around the globe. For more information see


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