BTECH Unveils the GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit

BTECH Unveils the GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

BTECH, a leading provider of radio communication solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to maximize the performance and versatility of the popular BTECH GMRS-20V2 radio.

Extended Reach with the WP02 Speaker Mic

The GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit includes the WP02 Speaker Mic, boasting an impressive 25-foot solid straight cord for increased flexibility in mounting and installation options while maintaining optimal audio quality. This extended reach offers a significant upgrade compared to the original 5-foot coiled cord, making it ideal for remote installations and hard-to-reach locations. The WP02 Speaker Mic is also IP67 rated, ensuring it can withstand harsh environments and continue to deliver clear audio even in challenging conditions. The WP02 Speaker Mic also includes full control over radio settings and a clear LCD display, enabling users to easily access and operate the radio base even when mounted remotely or out of view.


Seamless Integration with K1 Splitter Cable

In addition, the kit features the GMRS-20V2 K1 Splitter Cable, enabling seamless integration with any Kenwood K1 2-pin accessory. This ensures backward compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket accessories designed for BTECH handheld radios utilizing the K1 standard, further expanding the versatility of your GMRS-20V2 radio setup. The GMRS-20V2 K1 Splitter Cable offers customizable audio input/output control, giving users the freedom to explore creative solutions for enhanced communication experience.


Enhanced Communication Experience

The GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit  not only provides users with greater installation flexibility but also delivers improved audio performance for an enhanced communication experience. With this kit, users can easily tailor their audio setup to their preferences and needs, making it an essential addition to any radio communication system.

Available for Immediate Purchase:

The GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit is available for purchase from our store direct and on Amazon


As a US-based company, BTECH is committed to providing customers with the best local support for any issue that may arise. The company’s focus on engineering and developing radio products ensures that customers receive the highest quality radios and accessories, complete with real USA warranty and support. BTECH’s dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that users can rely on their radios and accessories to perform at their best in any situation.

For more information on the BTECH GMRS-20V2 Enhanced Audio Adaptor Kit or other BTECH products, please visit or contact BTECH’s customer support team at [email protected].

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