What was with the Confusing ‘Pofung’ Hype?


What was with the Confusing ‘Pofung’ Hype?


What happened to ‘Pofung’?

Back in 2014 there was a huge bombshell from BaoFeng: all future radios, that were exported out of China, were going to be branded as ‘Pofung’. But 2014 has come and gone; and we are almost through 2015… but yet the majority of the BaoFeng radios are still branded as BaoFeng.

To get a clear understanding, we will go back to the central reason of the sudden name change: “Greed and Money”. But hold on – it was a third-party that was being ‘greedy’. It was simple exploitation of the trademark system. Way back in 2012; right after the US introduction of BaoFeng radios; an individual realized that the ‘BaoFeng’ name had not received a US trademark. The individual applied for the trademark and in January of 2014; was granted the trademark.

PDF: View Exploiter’s Application

PDF: View Exploiter’s Trademark

Exploitation and Ransom

In January of 2014 – storefronts, re-sellers, auctions sites, and many other parties – started receiving lawsuits and impending action for ‘trademark infringement’. Of course, the exploiter would cease legal action against those parties… if they paid a ’ransom’.

There was no immediate remedy, and the only way to continue offering ‘BaoFeng’ radios internationally– was to change the brand name: ‘Pofung’.

The Legal Fight for “BaoFeng”

The main goal was always to get back the rights of  ‘BaoFeng’. It should have been clear to the Trademark system, that this was a case of ‘name squatting’; but even though that was the case – there is a due process to appeal the trademark. The timeline was not going to be quick; and during that time – many Pofung radios were introduced. That was even the case, during the introduction of the first high power BaoFeng (BF-F8HP) – we chose to include both brand names.

On October 22, 2014; BaoFeng and the consumers won! It was official; the exploiter was denied the rights to the BaoFeng name. During the appeals timeline, the trademark was registered to the appropriate owner; and ‘ransom letters’ were no longer being sent.

PDF: View Petition and Case

PDF: View the Genuine BaoFeng Trademark

PDF: View the Exploiter’s Trademark Cancellation

The After Math

As we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of the case being closed, there is still some ‘fall-out’ from the dilemma. There is confusion to what a BaoFeng radio should be branded as. There is confusion if ‘Pofung’ radios are ‘counterfeit’. There is also some confusion if ‘Pofung’ means it’s newer.

As some have stated before – it has “muddied up the waters”.  To bring clarity to the issue – we want consumers to know that: Pofung and BaoFeng radios are produced side-by-side; Pofung radios are not counterfeit, and there is no way to tell if a radio is ‘newer’ simply from a marking.

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