The BaoFeng UV-82HP is Released by BaoFeng Tech


The BaoFeng UV-82HP is Released by BaoFeng Tech


BaoFeng Tech today announced the North American release of the UV-82HP (, BaoFeng’s first seven watt UV-82, that combines the best in power, durability, and features from BaoFeng’s radios in a updated package to bring users the ultimate BaoFeng handheld.

Whether it’s handheld to handheld communications or talking to a repeater, consumers have wanted a more reliable and powerful handheld radio. The UV-82HP raises the bar for amateur users by putting our high-powered, high output chip on top of the rugged and commercialized UV-82 platform! The UV-82 platform includes the standards of: crisper and louder audio (1 watt), a proper commercial keypad arrangement, the most durable BaoFeng enclosure, and BaoFeng’s latest PCB chipset.

The Most Customizable BaoFeng Radio

The UV-82HP was designed for amateurs looking for a powerful, portable, and affordable handheld. For the first time ever users have four options to change the tone burst on a BaoFeng radio allowing: 1000 hz, 1450 hz, 1750 hz, and 2100 hz tone burst options. The UV-82HP also includes the firmware options from the commercially minded UV-82C radio. This special firmware allows for complete customization and control over your BaoFeng radio: such as locking out the programming and reset menus (this prevents accidental field programming) or it also allows the radio to be locked out from the Memory mode if preferred.

BaoFeng Tech also equipped the UV-82HP with a customizable dual or single push-to-talk button – making for a customizable experience. Programmable by software, you can choose your push-to-talk preferences for the side key. Dual Push-to-Talk: This classic UV-82 feature allows you to use the rocker PTT switch to talk on both displayed VFOs (or Channels) without having to look the channel selected or press a keypad button. The rocker PTT switch simply coordinates with the displayed frequencies. Single Push-to-Talk: The enhanced firmware allows you to change the rocker switch’s operation to revert to act like a single push-to-talk key/ This is a convenient feature for those who prefer the basic single push-to-talk operation.
Pricing and Availability

The UV-82HP is available now at and our authorized distributors. Pricing starts at $64.

About BaoFeng Tech

BaoFeng Tech is headquartered in Arlington, SD with distributors and partners around the globe. For more information see


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