1,First write the above needed 2Tone parameters into your radio.

  1. To enable your 2Tone settings – set the above RED mark parameters in Optional functions.
  2. Upload back to the radio – To transmit press the “CALL” key, and your 2 tone has been sent, the status indicator light will flicker when the receiver receives 2 tone signals. When the transmitting radio sends a 2Tone signal call, the receiver’s (Radio for RX) squelch will be opened. After 15 seconds (The above example setting in software), the 2 tone signaling will be invalid, and the transmitting transceiver (Radio for TX) must press the PTT key to call again, or the receiver’s (Radio for RX) squelch won’t be open

You must be press the “CALL” key to make sure any receiver (Radio for RX) receives the required 2 tone signals

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  • Keith Sheppard Reply

    What models have Two tone decode?

    January 25, 2024 at 2:44 pm

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