GMRS-V2 Wideband & Narrowband Fix

GMRS-V2 Wideband & Narrowband Fix

The BTECH GMRS-V2 is the first GMRS radio of its kind. It is the first GMRS radio to allow you to quickly add any GMRS channel to any memory location in a few button presses. Using the new GMRS ‘quick add’ option in Menu 43 (‘GCH-AD’) you can add another GMRS channel to any of the 200 channel locations.

Here’s how that new menu works: First you select this new menu option (Menu 43) and it will allow you to enter or scroll to any channel location on the radio (from 000-199). After you select the channel location you want to add a GMRS channel to – the next screen will show ‘GMRS_ _‘. This is where you simply enter a channel from the standardized GMRS channel list (see below) for the channel that you want added. For example, to add ‘REPT16’, we would enter the corresponding standardized GMRS channel which is ‘GMRS22’, and within a few button presses you have now just programmed an additional GMRS channel without having to hassle with any frequencies. If you need to use a tone for the channels, you can enter those tones on Menus 10-13 and have a new simplex or GMRS repeater channel programmed just like that!

GMRS Channel Chart
A bug in our first run GMRS-V2s

After our initial run of GMRS-V2, we have identified a minor bug that prevents GMRS channels 1-7 from being toggled from narrowband to wideband. This bug only affects these channels if they are placed in the memory locations of 001-007 on the radio. The bug has two quick workarounds. The first workaround is using a PC03 programming cable and our free programming software to toggle the bandwidth of those memories. The second workaround is using Menu 43 (see above) to enter those GMRS channels (1-7) in any other memory spot besides 001-007.

We want to make it right!

Once we learned about this bug, we have slashed the GMRS-V2 price by $20 to liquidate the current affected inventory, before resuming our normal MSRP price of $69.89, but what happens if you have a GMRS-V2 that was affected and you paid full MSRP?

We want to offer three options to make this right so that you can fully enjoy your GMRS-V2:
Option #1: BTECH will refund $20 to your original order
Option #2: BTECH will exchange your GMRS-V2 with an updated GMRS-V2 – all shipping costs would be covered
Option #3: BTECH will send you a free PC03 programming cable

If you received the GMRS-V2 at a discounted price but were unaware of the issue, we still want to extend an apology to you:
Option #1: BTECH will exchange your GMRS-V2 with an updated GMRS-V2 – shipping costs would be billed
Option #2: BTECH will send you a PC03 programming cable at half price.

We take pride in our reputation and providing the customer with what they expect to receive. If you have an effected radio, please reach out to us by emailing  ‘[email protected]’.

Here is everything we will need from you:

  • a picture of the serial number on the back of your radio
  • a copy or image of your purchase receipt
  • your preference of the options above on how we can make this right.

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