Synchronizing the DMR Amateur Digital Contact Lists in the DMR-6X2 Radio Series

Synchronizing the DMR Amateur Digital Contact Lists in the DMR-6X2 Radio Series

There seems to be a LOT of discussion on how to manipulate the DMR digital contact lists for use in the DMR-6X2 Series (DMR-6X2, DMR-6X2 PRO) of radios.

Lets start off by stating — the contact lists are out in the wild, and FREE. Granted costs money to operate (as all websites do) and Glenn does have a subscription option to help maintain the site, but other sites are just out to generate pocket change and you will be paying for free information. That is up to the users.

Obtaining the up-to-date list is easy. One way is go to either of the pages at BTECH.×2-pro/  Both sites download the same file for your use.

At, you want to download user.csv (2nd from the bottom)

Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers will say this file is a virus. It is NOT, allow the download to continue.

Once you are there, click to download the file. You will import that properly configured file into the CPS. You MUST import using the CPS. There is only one option that is different, and that is NØGSG Contact Manager software. We will cover that in another blog post. It can be found here:

There is a discrepancy with the CPS and the way some columns are labeled. We are going to have those changed in a newer version of the CPS soon.

Open the software. And connect your radio. READ the radio and save the codeplug before performing anything else. The comport is ALWAYS the last one on the list in the select comport window  The middle icon is the comport select option and will open another window when clicked.

Lets look at the formatting for the list that the CPS needs to see to successfully import the data.

The column headers will determine what is required in each column. Data is downloaded in CSV format which can be opened by Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or Libre Office spreadsheet programs.

When you look at the data in Excel, it will look like this:

This is the format from the user.csv

This is the format from the BTECH site download. This is properly formatted for importing.

Here are the columns as they look in the CPS.

Notice the difference in the columns titles. Other than column Ain the BTECH download, the data is exactly the same, but the headers may be labeled different. This is not a problem for the CPS and we will be working with the CPS creator to correct the headers in the CPS to match. That will change the name of the Name, City, State, Radio ID columns for the CPS and the BTECH download files. Do not let this difference stop you from importing the list. As long as the information is in the correct column, things will go nicely.

Once you are into the CPS you want to go it Tool> Import. That will open the following window:

Click on the Digital Contact List” and this will open another window for you to select the file for import. Choose the properly formatted file and click OK”. The Import window will show the file name in the box next to Digital Contact List”. Then click Import. After a short delay (this will depend on the speed of YOUR computer on how long it will take to import the file) a window will open showing the import is complete.

At this point, verify the import by clicking DIGITAL>DIGITAL CONTACT LIST in the CPS. This will open the contact list of contacts 1 to 20000. If the info is not shown, then there is an error in the file being imported. Verify the data is in the correct columns, then try the import again. Normally the CPS will let you know if the format is not correct when attempting to import the file. Occasionally there could be some reason it tries to import but does not load the file.

A properly loaded list is shown in the CPS like this:

Once this is done, click the upload button  which is the one on the right (make sure you have the correct comport selected using the middle button), and make sure you have Digital Contact List” checked as shown: